Raising Thoughts: Positive Parenting

When you have bits of cereal in your hair or you’re listening to the wails of a tiny person who refuses to get in the car, the term “Positive Parenting” may make you grit your teeth and roll your eyes. But Positive Parenting isn’t about being perfect, always being cheerful, or having the most photogenic Instagram. “Positive parenting” gives words to what parents do every day—challenges included—and keeps the big picture in mind.’ (www.zerotothree.org)

Would you like to know something more about positive parenting? Come and join the next session of Raising Thoughts on Mondaymorning the 28th of May.

• What we’ll do
We will meet this morning, drink a coffee together and talk about the subject ‘positive parenting’.  What exactly does it refer to? How can you apply it in raising your children? We will introduce the subject and we will discuss the topic together. The idea is to exchange ideas and to have open conversations with respect for everybody’s opinion.

• Where  and When
Mondaymorning the 28th of May at 11 am
@ Poppynsstore (in the bar in the back of the store), Carrer d’Isabel la Catòlica, 21, 46004 València
Costs are 5 euro which includes a drink

For more info have a look at facebook or write me an email.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! We’re now on a summerbreak with the ‘raising thoughts’ project. But in September we will continue and we will probably repeat some of the topics we did before the summer. You’re welcome to join us!

      Un saludo,

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