Raising Thoughts: Raising your child multilingual

Being Dutch and living in Valencia I am surrounded by multicultural friends who are raising their children multilingual.  And where it’s already a miracle to see a child learning one language, it’s an  even bigger miracle to see them learning more languages. But during the education parents always come across questions, like “How do I raise a bilingual child the best way?” or “Will they get a delay in their language development?” That’s why we organize the next Raising Thoughts meeting about this topic. So we can talk about these questions and discuss the myths existing about multilingualism.

What we’ll do?
We will meet this morning, drink a coffee together and talk about the subject ‘positive parenting’.  What exactly does it refer to? How can you apply it in raising your children? We will introduce the subject and we will discuss the topic together. The idea is to exchange ideas and to have open conversations with respect for everybody’s opinion.

Where  and When
Monday morning the 25th of June at 11 am
@ Poppynsstore (in the bar in the back of the store), Carrer d’Isabel la Catòlica, 21, 46004 València
Costs are 5 euro which includes a drink.

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