Social Skills Training

Social Skills 4 Kids is an English spoken group course for children.  The goal of the course is to be a fun, interactive, and effective approach to help kids improve their social skills.  It will help children acquire and develop the social and emotional skills necessary to, among other things: make and maintain friendships; stand-up for themselves; overcome shyness; facilitate adaptation to new environments; and to better understand themselves as well as others around them. Some children pick these skills up more easily than others, and the risk of not picking up on social clues can put children at risk for negative feelings, low self-esteem and bullying.

Social skills are a strong key to success. Students become more aware of social cues. They develop tools to effectively handle emotions and social situations. They become empowered and interact more effectively with peers, teachers, and others. These skills are important for becoming an independent, respectful, successful, and capable adult.

The benefit of the course is the ability for the children to practice the skills  within a group. In a safe environment they will have the possibility to find recognition and support in the other group members. The groups will be kept small, so the children get the attention they need. Social Skills 4 Kids equips children for their international social life by improving their social skills in general, but also their empathy, assertiveness and emotional awareness.

Courses are available in three age groups: 7-9, 9-12 and 12-15.

Course structure/content:
The course consists of seven group sessions which focus on a wide variety of social and emotional skills. The course content is based on elements which have been proven effective on both the short and long term, and is facilitated by psychologists certified to work with the Social Skills 4 Kids programme.

Next to the seven group sessions, the programme consists of an individual introduction with the child, individual follow up meeting with the parents and a short report with observations and recommendations for the child, their parents and teachers.

The set up of the programme allows for a group approach while still having the flexibility for each child to work on their own individual goals. Parents (and, depending on their involvement, teachers) are being involved in the process to ensure the best possible outcome for the participating child.

– Individual introduction session with the child (0,5 hrs)
– 7 group sessions for the child (10,5 hrs)
– 1 parent group meeting to support your child (1,5 hrs)
– End report & evaluation (2,5 hrs)
– Workbook

– Language: English

Course Tariffs:
The cost is 300 euro a child
–which includes full course, individual intake, individual evaluation and report
–Because in february the first course here in Valencia will start, it will be a special offer!!! instead of 300 euro the cost will be 150 euro.

Dates new course:
A new course for the age group 9-12 is going to start the 18th of Februari from 18-19.30.

If you´re interested in this social skills training for your child, please contact me.