Raising Thoughts on Tour in L´Eliana

Raising Thoughts will be on tour in L´Eliana. The 8th of April Wecasa will host us again! This time the topic will be about Positive Parenting. What is it exactly? And how do you apply it when raising your children. We will have the subject prepared and need you ti share your experiences with the other parents.

Wecasa is a community center located in l´Eliana. A place where parents and kids come together to enjoy a wide variety of activities, play areas and healthy food.

With the concept of ‘Raising Thoughts’ we want to create a meeting point for parents to openly talk about specific ‘raising’ topics. It’s in between having a coffee with your friend and talk about your children and going to a psychologist. We want to create a structured meeting where you can take a moment to reflect, talk about certain subjects and all this in a relaxed ambience while we have a drink with each other and share experiences and questions.
The (child) psychologists Sara and Femke will introduce the topic of the day and will be there for any questions, doubts and discussions.

How does it work? We meet this Monday evening at 21h, we have a drink and talk about a certain ´raising´ topic. The idea is to exchange ideas, have an open conversation with respect for everybody’s opinion. The cost will be 8 euro which includes a drink and a snack.
You don´t need to bring anything

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