Raising Thoughts: Setting Limits


The Raising Thoughts meeting on Monday the 19th of November will be about Setting Limits with you children.

Setting limits: At what age do you start with it? do you need to use a time-out-spot or not? Is it better to distract or no? and what to do if your child is throwing him/herself on the floor in the supermarket?
And besides that it’s not always easy to be consistent when your tired or when your child actually makes you laugh.
Come and join our Raising Thoughts meeting to talk about all this with each other while drinking a nice cup of coffee in the meanwhile.

How does it work? We meet on Monday morning, we drink a coffee together and talk about the subject ‘setting limits’. The idea is to exchange ideas, have an open conversation with respect for everybody’s opinion.
We meet in the cafe of Poppyns Store (C/Isabel la Catolica 21). The cost will be 5 euro which includes a drink.

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