School counseling

Sometimes children face problems at school, like difficulties in concentration, difficulties to learn, problems with social interaction, or maybe they are not challenged enough at school. It´s important to pay attention to these difficulties to maintain a good and safe setting in school. I believe it´s important to work together in the triangle school-parents-child. Together we can find out what works for the child and how we can increase his/her learning results, behavior and happiness at school. I can provide consultation and case management by ensuring the child’s needs are met:  to make sure all people involved with the child are aware of the needs of the child, see what resources are available, help in the communication; and modify achievement plans to best meet needs of the child. I have experience in coaching of parents and teachers in relation to behavioral or learning problems. Normally I work with consultations and observations, when necessary we can talk as well about psychodiagnostical tests or questionnaires.