Let´s introduce myself…

I am Femke Conradie, a Dutch woman living in Valencia (Spain). What gives me energy in my work and daily life is connecting (with) people, being aware of their strengths and encourage them to develop these strengths. As well I like to develop myself and keep on moving and learning new things.

I am offering consultation and counseling to parents, schools and kindergartens. I do believe ´the system´ (parents, schools, educators) are the key to helping children. Whether the issues are developmental, emotional, behavioral or educational. Because of this, it´s important that parents, teachers and other professionals feel competent about their task and the way to relate to the child.
Being a ´giri´ living in Spain I can do the consultations in Dutch, English and a mixture of both of them with Spanish. So don´t hesitate about a language problem, together we can work it out.

I am educated in The Netherlands in Educational and Behavioral Development (Orthopedagogy) and have worked with a lot of energy in this field. I worked as an adviser for parents in educational problems and as an educational counselor at schools. I have experience in consultations, observations, psychodiagnostical tests and questionnaires of the children and coaching of parents/teachers/nurses in their relation to children. If you want to know more about my curriculum, please have a look at my linked in.