Parent counseling

Parent guidance and counselling can be an effective way to support parents who are struggling with a variety of parenting difficulties. Being a parent is a lot of fun, but it isn’t always easy. In the rush of everyday life sometimes you forget to think about the way you are raising your child. And we all come across questions we don’t know exactly how to deal with. There can be discipline problems, communication difficulties between parent and child, parental divorce or separation, difficult developmental stages such as toddler-hood, difficulties bonding with children, understanding children with special needs. You can talk with friends and family about it, but sometimes they aren’t nearby or sometimes you don’t want their advice. In this case you can contact me. 

What will we do? In a consultation we will take a good look together at the situation, you explain me everything and maybe a observation can be useful.  Together we will make a plan and will work it out.  Whether you are struggling with your strong-willed child or can’t seem to shake postpartum blues together we will work to overcome your concerns, reduce stress in your life, adjust to challenges in your family, and help you and your child thrive.

Individual consultation and coaching are available to parents, and home visits are possible as well.